Dev-log-4. Untold story (or in other words - my vision of Half-life future)

It's my fanfic about how Freeman's adventures can continue after Episode 3:

Chapter 1: You Do not Exist

After the Boreas explosion, Freeman appears to be lying in some place, reminiscent of a desert. The sand underneath behaves like water and when he tries to get some of this sand into his hand, it just flows through his fingers. He lifts his gaze to the sky, but instead of the sun he sees some kind of flicker, appearing here and there, while the sky at the same time smoothly changes colors from one to another.

He gets up to look around and understand where he is, but looking around he sees nothing but a clean and level horizon. Realizing that he has no other option but to move somewhere to understand what's happening, he starts to go forward  (if here at all you can understand in which direction it is going).

After a distance, he begins to hear a subtle sound, a sound unlike anything he heard before. Starting to walk towards him, he notices that the sound starts to distort more and more, becoming slower and sounding more uncertain than before. He tries with the help of costume devices to determine the nature of this sound, but the electronics of the suit simply does not respond. Approaching some distance, he sees how the matter before him seemed to open up and form something like a passage. Freeman perceives this as an invitation, slowly approaches towards and decides to step into it. At first nothing happens, he only sees that he has simply passed through this passage, as if he did not exist there at all, and it was only a mirage. The rest is even more difficult to explain, because he wanted to turn around to see what happened to the passage as he felt as if the matter around him tied his movements, as if frozen him. The rumble of the sound that surrounded him suddenly died down and literally in a few moments he saw how from behind the horizon something huge was flying in his direction, crazy speed, rapidly increasing in volume. I only saw that it was something that devoured everything around itself, turning it into a darkness and emptiness. As if the space itself and time contracted at this moment into a tiny point and carried me along with me with unimaginable speed in an unknown direction.

But all this ended as suddenly as it began and he found himself in another place, where now there was not even the ground under his feet and he seemed to soar in the air. Around him also hovered some objects, clear outlines which he could not see, because everything that was from him at a distance of more than about 10 or 15 meters began to blur. But he could see that some of these objects changed their form. Then these objects began to create their own copies and fill the whole space around him until the darkness returned again. Somewhere in the distance a dull white spot appeared in this darkness. He "swam" to her.Ч The closer he approached her, the more it became before him.

When he approached it definitively, from the muddy silhouette began to look through the most ordinary stone. Turning back he saw how all the space around him was now covered with these luminous dots. He turned to this stone and decided to take it in his hand, but when he reached for it, he found that the hand was not his, but of some other creature. The stone he took in his hand lit up everything around him and he saw everywhere floating spheres-bubbles and some other fairly large creature that looked like a giant alga floating in the air with a kind of eye in the center. The creature at first seemed to "float" past him, but when it was too close to him turned his "eye" in his direction.

The space at this moment began to distort, the creature and everything around began to disappear from view and everything was lit up by a bright flash that illuminated everything around him. Freeman noticed strange creatures next to him, who surrounded him with some strange field and seemed to want to take him away from this place. He realized that these were vortigaunts. He began to darken in his eyes and he lost consciousness.

Chapter 2: Parallel Worlds

He came to consciousness lying on the ground and hearing around himself the sounds of steps and some working mechanisms. When he opened his eyes, he immediately closed them. <span class="shorttext" <the<="" span="">The </span>light that he saw almost blinded him. Turning from the back to his stomach, he felt that he was very worried and he could hardly move. Plus, besides that, he realized that he did not have his glasses on him. He found the strength and began to crawl somehow to find shelter from this blinding light. So he crawled, until he buried himself in someone, more precisely in someone's limb, reminiscent of a leg. There were some strange sounds coming from some creature standing over him. Then this creature picked it up and started to carry it somewhere......................................................


PS: In fact, Freeman falls into a parallel world. That is, events unfold as before on earth, but in parallel reality. In this reality, Gordon Freeman becomes Gerdruder Friedman. At least so it will be called the inhabitants of this world. In addition, its appearance will also change - it will cease to be human, and become similar to the inhabitants of this parallel universe. It is also worth noting that in this world the laws of physics will behave differently, not to mention time itself. He can possibly meet his old friends here too...

The reason why Freeman was not in his world, and in his parallel version lies in the fact that during the explosion of Borealis there was a powerful ejection of the energy stored on it by a teleportation device that somehow merged with the energy with which the Vortigaunts wanted to return him back to earth. 

Well, now Gertruder Friedman has to figure out how to get out of this "underworld", and also how to save his native world from the invaders (Combines). Maybe the key to victory lies just in the place where he got this time as a result of all the same unforeseen consequences?

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